5 tips to release the greatness in you.


There is a greatness in everyone of us screaming to get out. Some of us pay attention to it and do things required to be successful while others completely ignore it with self-limiting thoughts. Follow these tips in order to release the greatness in you.

1) Organize your day.
You can only achieve much in a day by knowing the things you have to do that day and allotting some time for them. Make a to-do-list the night before and follow up on it. You would be amazed how much you can achieve in a day. Daniel organized his day such that he could pray three times a day. (Daniel 6:10)

2) Take action on your ideas.
Most of us procrastinate on a lot of things. We have great ideas but we never put them into action. It is advisable to have a “dream catcher book” where you write down every idea that crosses your mind. Follow up on your ideas by writing down the steps you need to take to accomplish them. Take action on them immediately because what is delayed would get further delayed.

3) Learn to finish whatever you start.
A lot of people give up on their dreams as soon as a challenge or obstacle shows up. See challenges as opportunities and follow up to the end. Let nothing disturb you from completing the task at hand. Nehemiah was a humble man who was determined to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Though he was molested, mocked and his workers were attacked, he still managed to finish the work in 52 days.( Nehemiah 6:15) Never be discouraged in whatever God has put in your mind to do.

4) Surround yourself with like-minded people.
Your company would make you or break you. Who are your friends? Keep company with the wise. What your friends do would brush off on you. If they are alcoholic; you would tend to become one yourself. If they are womanizers, don’t be surprised if you turn out the same. Keep friends who have the same values as you.

5) Be focused.
Don’t one thing you are better at than any other person and focus on it. Be an expert in that one thing. Avoid rushing from project to project which would instead lead to half work. Joseph was skilled in interpreting dreams and visions and nobody could do it better than him. (Genesis 40:12) what one thing do you excel at? Concentrate and be the best there is at that one thing.


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