Should a woman’s tribe keep you from marrying her?


In Cameroon and Africa in general, there are several tribes. Cameroon alone has about 234 clans speaking different dialects. Though this can be seen as a diversity in language and culture, it can get in the way of a man getting married to a woman. Recently, i was chatting with a lady and she told me there was a pastor who wanted to marry her. However, the pastor’s family did not like women from her tribe because they were thought of as being promiscuous. She bemoaned why something as little as her tribe of origin could keep her from getting married to her fiance.

A friend told me recently that he was wooing a woman and when he mentioned his tribe, the woman shouted and he sought to find out what was wrong. The woman said guys from her tribe are notoriously rough and mistreat women. There are many such stories like this of tribe keeping people from living together. What surprises me is that the same woman you are afraid to marry because pf her tribe somebody else is enjoying her with no problem.

Should a man or woman’s tribe be so much an issue when marriage is concerned? My answer would be yes and no. Yes,because when it impedes the happiness of the couple, then there is no need for the two to live together. No, because i think a lot of people generalize too much. The fact that your friend’s husband mistreat her doesn’t mean that if you marry a man from the same tribe, he would mistreat you too. People are different. Stop generalizing and give the man or woman a chance.

What do you think about this topic? Are there women or men from some tribes you cannot marry?


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