Are you saving for rainy days.


We all love to spend money. We have a good feeling each time we buy a new item like a pair of shoes, clothes or furniture. We spend money to catch up with friends and neighbours and because of programs we watch on TV which all encourage spending as much as possible. But have you considered this? What would make you successful in life is not how much you spend but how much you save. Successful people save money all the time. How much are you putting aside for rainy days?

Whether we like it or not, rainy days would come and those who have savings are better equiped to tackle circumstances. Just as spending is a habit to most of us, saving has to become a habit too. The secret is to save no matter how small on a consistent basis. Start saving today each time money enters your hand and you would realise it would become a habit overtime.

Only those who save money can do investments. The main purpose for saving money is to invest it. You can only buy land, build a house, pay your tuition if you have savings. Some of you would tell me you can borrow too and do the same. Borrowing would put a heavy burden and stress on you , saving would not. Each time you want to do a big purchase think of saving money and you would thank me for it. Do you need all the things you buy? Start saving money, little by little, just as a child learns how to walk and you would see how much you must have put aside after some time. I wish you all a nice day.

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