Are you easy prey to people’s lies?


Ronald Reagan is credited with the statement, “Trust but verify.” Whenever, somebody came to tell him something, he would seek confirmation from another source. How easily do you fall prey to liars?

I remember while living in Denmark that one of my friends saw an advert of a vacant apartment in a local newspapers for rent. He contacted the owner who confirmed that the house was for rent and that he asked for 10000 kroners (about 2000 dollars) deposit. My friend proceeded to look at the house and immediately signed a housing contract with this individual. To his greatest surprise, he went back to the property and found that the person who claimed he owned the house was not the real owner. The man was a crook who swindled my friend of his hard earned money. My friend filed a complaint with the police but he never recovered his money.

Have you ever fallen prey to a dupe? Donot trust your emotion entirely. Always trust but verify whatever agreement you are going into. I, myself, have not been spared by dupes. Recently, a guy came to my house that i should mentor him. Little did i know that he is a dupe. He told me all sorts of things how he squanders all his money and how he wanted me to pray for him. To my amazement, my neighbour raised an alarm that the guy was a thief and that he has stolen his blocks. I also found out that the same guy had stolen my bucket.

Friends, there are a lot of crooks out there. Donot easily believe people whether man or woman because you never know which one is out to dupe you. Trust but verify in order not to become a victim of hoodlums.


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