Agriculture is king.


A lot of young Cameroonians donot even want to hear about cultivating the soil. To them, it is a profession for the older generation since they say there is no money in it and it requires hard work.

This is in total contrast with what obtains in Europe, America and Asia where farmers are among the richest. I have been wondering why this little interest of young Cameroonians towards agriculture? Afterall, a country like Malaysia which had the same GDP like Cameroon in the 1960s has noticed an exponential increase in its GDP because of palm oil which she exports round the world. Denmark is the biggest exporters of pigs.

In Cameroon, the first problem i noticed was that most farmers have small exploitations managed in a subsistent manner without no machines. Secondly, farms are ageing and there are no farm to market roads. Also, loans are not available for farmers and even when they are available, the real farmers donot get it.

Friends, there is money to be made in agriculture. There is a great demand for corn, plaintains, cassava and tomatoes. You would be surprised to hear that Cameroon still imports 80% of the corn we consume w and this is true for other African countries. There are equally opportunities in livestock and fisheries. What are you waiting to invest in agriculture?


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