What to do with a difficult mother-in-law.


Your mother-in-law is the mother of your husband. There are countless fables about wicked mother-in-laws. Nigerian movies also depict some mother-in-laws as wicked, bad-tempered and hard to live with. I have sought to find out what makes some mother-in-laws this way? Why do some mother-in-laws hate their daughter-in-laws?

The answer to my questions did not tarry to come. The mother-in-laws behaviour depends on the type of relationship they had with their son. They brought him up, sometimes singlehandedly, fed him, clothed him and took care of his every needs. This agape love between a mother and her son is not easy to break by bringing another woman on the scene.

When the son gets married, he tends to put his attention on another woman – his wife and so his mother is put on the sidelines. Sometimes too, even his finances now go to his wife and the mother-in-law resents this because she doesn’t get as much as she used to receive from her son.

Apart from the attention and finances that diminishes, some mother-in-laws think their daughthers-in-laws cannot take care of their sons as much as they did. This pushes them to tend to criticise the food their daugthers-in-laws cook for their son or how she takes care of him.

What then should a woman do if she has a difficult mother-in-law? I believe the best thing to do is to love her. No matter what she does to you, do not retaliate. Just love her so much that she would have no option but to love you back. The bible in Mathew 5:44 says you should love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Love and pray for her.

What do you think of this topic? Do you have a difficult mother-in-law? Write your comments below.


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