What is the purpose of a youth day in Cameroon?


The youth day which is often celebarated on 11th february has come and gone and again,Cameroonians are asking themselves why even celebrate a youthday when nothing is working in the lives of most youths. In addition, to the chronic unemployment, high education cost, lack of opportunities; a lot of youths in Cameroon can hardly eat a square meal a day.

In order to fond out how they felt about this national day in Cameroon, i interviewed a few youths. One of tbem, whose only name i got as Basile, insisted he has not been able to vet a job ever since he vraduated from university. He said he had tried every single gymnastic he could think of to get a job but nine was working. He added he can not even start a small business because he cannot not raise the money and no bank is willing to borrow him money because he has no collateral.

Another youth named Mary told me she too was having it difficult to get a job. She stated that in all offices that she goes to look for a job, the men there wnat to sleep with her first. She confided to me she has given her fate to God because only God can save her from her present predicament. She declared her only option left now is to go abroad for greener pasturrs. When i suvgested she should invest in agriculture as the president advised the youths, she told ke she does not have land nor the means to do so.

All the youths i talked to were unanimous that there was no reason to celebrate a youth day because the Cameroonian government has failed the youths. With the present attention of the government to fight Boko Haram, it is hard to see how sufficient funds would be allocated to satisfy the youths. The governkent should know they are the future of this country and should not be neglected.


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