What every woman should know about men.


Many women are obssessed in their seacrh for the secret of men. Some make friends with guys, read women’s magazines or go to see prophets in order to know what the men in their lives are thinking.

One of the principal issues women have with men is “trust”. It is a six letter word but it means a lot. Some men are notorious liars, they are like chameleons that change colour all the time. They change decisions constantly and they sometimes donot open up about the problems they are facing to the men in their lives.

A woman told me recently how she was in a serious relationship with a guy. The later bought her a car, equipped her house and really took good care of her. She was convinced he was the man of her life and she became pregnant by him. It was after giving birth to her son that word reached her that the man is married and has three children with the wife. She was devastated and heart broken.

Most women would like to know what makes men tick? Why do they choose one woman over another to marry? How can you read their minds and control them? What can they do to get and keep them? Why do they say one thing and do something else. Though it is difficult to predict human relationships, take note of the following about your man.

* if you date a man, make sure you know where he lives. You would discover a lot about him there. And if he allows you to come to his house, then no other woman is in there.

* Get to know his friends and family. If this man has not introduced you to his friends and family, then you are not wife material for him.

* Support him in whatever is his vision. Find out what his vision is and be part of it. If he wants to become a lawyer, then offer advice, introduce him to potential mentors. You increase your value in his eyes by helping him in his career and business.

* Take care of his stomach. This cannot be emphasied enough. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. You should know his favorite dishes and cook them for him. I donot advice women to stay with a man before marriage but you can visit him and help him in the kitchen.

* Take care of yourself. Men are visual creatures and so by taking care of yourself, you look beautiful in his eyes all the time. He would not turn around and look at another woman because he knows he has the most beautiful woman in his hands.

* Mind what he does not what he says.
If he says he loves you, does he calls and sms you? Does he visit you? Does he spend his money on you? Most men spend their money where their heart is. If he says he would marry you, has he taken you to his house? Do you know what he is doing for a living? Do you know his friends and family?

I hope most women take into considerations the above points in order to know who the men in their lives are really. As the former president of the United States of America once said, “Trust but verify. ” When dealing with people, donot follow only you emotions, look at the evidence also. Be sure that what they say is the truth. I wish you all a nice day.


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