Why you should plant vegetables at your backyard.


Gardening is something i do all the time and i think every one should engage in it because it is fun and profitable. In addition, it can be done anywhere, whether at your frontyard, at your backyard or inside a room of your house.

A lot of things can be planted at your garden including fruits, vegetables,flowers, laawn or even medicinal crops. Today, i am going to talk about vegetables. Firstly, which types of vegetables should you plant? I have planted waterleaf(spinach), bitterleaf, sweetbitterleaf, greens, coujtry jamajama and they alldo well. It is a great savings on your buddvet because you can save as much as 10 % of your monthly expense on food by growing your own vevetables. Isn’t that great? Secondly, it is a good use of your time and a good killer of boredom and vice. Lastly, you can hardly lack what to eat when you vrow your own vegetables.

Folks and let nobody ffed you that crap that it is a woman’s job. I do my gardening myself and i have no problem doing it. Another common excuse is that your backyqrd or frontyard is too small or that you donot have one. Do it in a room in your house or wherever you can have some space. Just start this habit of growing your own vegetables and you would thank me for it.


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