Why you should send you child to technical school.


We all grew up with the notion that technical education is for the stubborn child – the child who is less intelligent. Countless children have finished up in technical school because of this concept. But is technical education less valuable than general education?

For one, technical education was created as a fast means for a child to acquire the skills of a profession. And so for a child to become a motor mechanic, they just needed between 2 and 4 years of study as opposed to 13 to become a mechanical engineer. The child who did technical education can easily employ himself and others meanwhile his general eduaction classmate would be out applying for jobs.

Our society is in need of “men of skills” or people who are skilled in something or who have a profession. I remember just after obtaining my G.C.E Advanced Level, i started looking for a job. And in every company i went, i was always asked, “what can i do?”. I would answer, “I have G.C.E Advanced level.” And the boss would tell me, “No, that is not what i want.” “Which profession are you in?”. It always left me dumbfounded and it impacted on me the need to have a profession.

A child from technical education does not have this problem. They choose a profession as soon as they enter school and keep up getting better at it until they graduate with a certificate. It is thus evident that a child from technical school can easily get a job or set up his or her own business and start making money.

Africa is in great need of infrastructure- roads, bridges, airports and seaports. The next few years would see a lot of investment in these fields. Only men of skills would be recruited to build these vaste and massive infrastructural projects.

Are you going to send your child to technical education or not and why? Write in the comments section below.


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