Do you belong to a profession?


I am a firm believer in education because it opens so many doors for you that you can hardly access otherwise. Our schools and universities today lack counselling departments where students are orientated according to what they want to do in the future.

I was chatting with a friend who has a first Degree in political Sciences and i asked her why she choosed to do that course. She looked at me perplexed, then she responded, “because when i was applying for admission in university, all my friends where applying for political sciences so i did the same.” I am not trying to say political science is not a good thing to study because after all it leads to many career options. However, i firmly believe students should be counselled to do the courses that would help them land their dream jobs.

Of all the courses offered in our universites, more than half do not prepare students for a career. If you graduate with a First Degree in History and you tell me you can be a teacher, then you donot know what you are saying. You need another two to three years in a teachers training school to become a full fledged teacher of history.

I am thus advising students to choose courses that lead to a profession where you can easily be employed in a company or public administration. Of course with a first degree in history or political science, you can write a public exam or be recruited in a company. However, specialising in something would open up far more doors than just a First degree.

What do you think about this topic. Register you thoughts below.


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