Why your first time of doing business may not be the best.


More than 80% of first time small business owners fail in their businesses. What subsequently matters is not whether they failed or not but how they took the failure. If you take failure as a reason to quit doing business, then you would never be successful in life. Failure should be seen as a comma and not a full stop. You should learn lessons from your failures and keep strivibg.

All succesdful people you see today have failed in one way or another before seeing success. Sam Nfon, a businessman based in kumba, Cameroon started his travel agency, Mondial Express, shuttling passengers by bus between kumba and Douala. He faile the first two times but this did not discourage hin to quit. Eventually, he raised some money, bought some buses and gave it a third try and it has been a success ever since.

There are many reasons that can lead to failure of your first businesd venture. Maybe you managed money wrongly, or you did not have enough funds to start with. It could also be that you hired the wrong employees or that you did not have the required skills to manage the business. Whatever made you fail, if you can learn from it, and give it another try then success would be at your doorsteps.

Failure in a business should not be seen as the end point but the beginning point. It should be seen as losing a battle in a fight with many fights ahead. That you failed selling garri would not mean you would fail selling books. I wish you all a nice day.


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