Where do you focus on in life?


Have you noticed your life always goes where you fovus on. Energy follows focus anf so your energy would go where your focus is. Some of us focus on situations we cannot control, some others on their present circumstances while yet others focus on their past. Focusing on any of these would take you nowhere. Where do you have to focus on then?

The best place to put your focus is on your goals of the future. What do you wish to achieve this year, next year or next five years? If you wish to lose 20 kilograms before the end of the year focus on shedding off this extra weight. If you wish to graduate in unoversity next year, then focus on achieving that. Write down the various steps you need to take to achieve your goal and make sure you track your progress. If you wish to stary a business, then focus on how to achieve this aim. Successful people focus on the thins that are important in their lives.

You should not be found idling around, gossiping or arguing about football when you have work to do. Focus on doing a task, finishing it before you go onhaving pleasure. I hope you stary focusing on the right things today.


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