Why Cameroon couldn’t win AFCON 2015.


The nations cup is a football jamboree played every two years in a host of african countries. It was held this year in Equatorial Quinea because Morrocco refused to host the tournament for fear of the Ebola virus. It was an occassion for the small african country of about one million inhabitants to showcase its infractural and economic development. Cameroon, like other African countries, prepared to win but they failed to deliver thus dissappointing its numerous fans.

One of the problems that has always plagued the Cameroonian team is disorganisation. This is evident when players are not paid in time, refuse to obey the coach, they lack adequate sporting equipment or they create camps that fight each other. This behaviour has been seen in all competitions that the indomitable lions of Cameroon have participated and it is stubborn to go away.

Another problem that is recurring is the interferance of politicians and other officials in the affairs of the team. In Cameroon, everybody is a coach claiming to know the best tactics for the team to adopt. From the street vendor to the minister in Yaounde, the political capital, there is no exception. It would be nice that the coach is given free reins to manage the team.

Lastly, there is the problem of players not training and playing very often together. Because some of them are based abroad and others in Cameroon, it becomes difficult to create situations where they train and play together. It becomes, therefore,not easy for players to undestand themselves and score goals.

I hope the dismal performance of the indomitable lions during this competition should serve as a wake up call for the coach to do something in order to bring the team to its days of glory. Do you have something to add or comment on this post? Register your thought below.


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