Why you should invest in agriculture.

woman working in a farm in Africa.

It is said that agriculture is the backbone of our economy. Cameroon is a major exporter of cocoa, rubber, banana etc. The CDC (Cameroon Development Corporation), which os one of the biggest companies in Cameroon, is the biggest employer of labour after the government.

A lot of well-endowed Cameroonians,whether at home or abroad ,often wonder where they would invest their hard earned money. Well, friends, if you are looking for where to invest in this beautiful country then agriculture is the way to go. These are the reasons you should invest in agriculture.

1) Food is always in demand.

Whatever happens, people would always eat food. And for people to eat it, somebody has to grow it. You donot have to worry about selling your product because the demand is always there.

2) The return on investment is fast and great.

The return on investment is relatively fast depending on the crop. For palms, you need four years and for rubber seven years. However for cash crops like corn, groundnuts, tomatoes it is generally about three months.

3) the government has put in place incentives to encourage the sector.

In order to discourage importation of food, the government has put in place all types of incentives to encourage investors. You need to go to any agriculture office to take advantage of these incentives.

4) The land is available

Only 30% of arable land in Cameroon is cultivated which menas vaste expense of land are still virgin. You can buy the land or lease it and then grow food on it.

I hope you take the decision today to invest in agriculture and give yourself a glorious future for you and your kids. I wish you a nice day.


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