Is speaking in tongues a gift from the holy spirit?

man praying.

Speaking in tongues is one of those things that has seperated the church for years. While some churches condon it, others condemn it. What is it really and how should it be practised?

To better understand what speaking in tongues is, lets go to the book of Acts. In Acts 2:4, the bible says the believers gathered together in one place where filled with the holy spirit and they began to talk in other languages. Again in Acts 10:44, the bible states that the believers, both Jews and Gentiles, listening to Peter speak, all received the holy spirit and started speaking in strange tongues. Also in 1 corinthians 12:10, the bible says the ability to speak in strange tongues is a gift from the holy spirit.

I donot know about you but the above scriptures prove beyond doubt that speaking in tongues was practised by the early christians. It is not only a prove you are filled with the holy spirit but it is a way of speaking directly to God.

Therefore, in order to speak in strange tongues, one must be filled with the holy spirit. And in order to be filled with the holy spirit, you must give your life to Christ. (John 3:6)

Each time that i pray and speak in strange tongues, i realise that it strengthens my spiriit and enables me to talk directly to God. And for those of you who want to know how i received the holy spiritand started speaking in tongues, it just came in church one day while we were praying. Everybody was speaking in tongues during prayer and i found myself speaking too. Just as the apostles in the book of acts, they found themselves speaking in tongues and not understanding what each of them was saying.

The holy spirit can also be given by a man of God, (John 20:21) which can enable you speak in tongues. In John20:21, Jesus appeared amongs his disciples, after his death anf cruxifixion and told them, “receive the holy spirit”. What do you think about this topic? Do you believe in praying in tongues? Register your thoughts below.


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