How not to spoil your child.

woman with baby.

A lot of parents are amazed when their children grow up to be stubborn, disrespectful and miscreant. This is mostly rampant in homes where the children where raised up by a single mom. The behaviour of a child as an adult depends on the way the child was brought up. It is often said that you cannot straigthen a bent tree. The best time to inculcate good moral values in children is when they are still very small. Follow these tips in order not to spoil your child:

1) Correct them when they do something wrong.

If you let wrong behaviour go on because you want to show the child you love them very much, then you may be in for trouble in the long haul. Correct the child as soon as you observe negative behaviour.

2) Donot give them money.

I know some people would disagree with this but i am a product of this principle. While growing up, my parents routinely gave us food to eat at school instead of money. I went to secondary school and i lived in the dormintory and my parents continued with the same. I was given just small pocket money for my daily needs. This made me not to follow my friends when they went out to “play life” because i had no money. Right up til now, i still live a frugal live where material thins mean nothing to me.

3) Speak positivity into their lives.

Some parents, out of anger or because the child did something wrong, insult the child and haul all types of wrong language at them. They call the child names like; “good for nothing”, “stubborn child”, “dull child” etc. The more the child hears these words, the more they believe them. Learn to speak positivity into the life of your child. Tell the child, you would be a lawyer, pastor, doctor, accountant.

4) Donot make their life easy.

You take your child to school each day in a car, and you think you love them so much. The day there is no car, the child refuses to go to school. You compile all their documents when they need to make an official document or write a public exam. Sooner or later this child is going to face the world and you wouldn’t probably be there to do things for them.

5) Have rules.

It is essential to have rules at home and enforce them for the good development of the child. For instance, the child should not stay out after 7 pm or the child must do house chores before going to school.

6) Teach them the word of God.

Aren’t you impressed when your child can quote scriptures or sing gospel songs at a young age. Buy a bible for your child and teach them to read it every day. Take time to teach them christian principles whie they are still young. These values would stick with them when they grow older.

7) Make sure they have good friends.

If you donot control who your child’s friends are,they might associate with bad friends. All of a sudden, your child starts smoking, drinking, prostituting, lying and sleeping outside with men. All this comes with bad friends. Make sure your child is surronded with the right company.


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