How to tap into your inner potential.


A lot of you have lots of potentials but you lack the knowledge of how to tap into it and use it to your advantage. I get amazed when i hear people say life is too difficult, there are no jobs , they donot jave what to eat. As soon as you say this, you have defeated yourself. You should instead see yourself as possessing lots of potentials. Even of you donot see them, they are in you.

How then can you tap into your inner potentials? First, what did you learn in school? What are the things you talk about of, that you are passionate of. Which books do you read the most? There lies your potentials. The skills you acquire while doing this add up in what you become. If , for example, you have been a cook, there are many things you can do with this skill. You can start a restaurant, work in a hotel, work in a company canteen. You can even decide to sharpen your skills by going to a cookery school before going out to seek for jobs or start your own business.

We all have something we are good at. Nobody came into this world empty. Find yours and God would bless you through it. There is nobody God did not give abilities. Release the greatness in you today and only the sky would be your limit.


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