Why men want career women nowadays.

career woman

There is a trend now prevalent in Cameroon whereby most men are quick to tell you the profession of their wives as soon as you strike a conversation with them. I was in church recently attending a wedding, when the pastor emphasized that the bride was a banker without even reciprocally mentioning the profession of the bridegroom. Not only that but most men would quickly tell you the profession of their wife in order to appear more important.

Why this craze for career women? What is in them that makes them special?

For one, most men would tell you that they prefer career women because of the income they bring back home. Even the bible acknowledges that two is better than one. When the husband and wife are both working, their combined income can make them achieve things that only one income cannot. A woman who is a housewife expects every single franc from her husband meanwhile a career woman can eadily take care of her needs herself.

However other men are adamant that they donot care whether their wives are working or not because all they look at is the character. You can change everything about a woman except her character.

For my readers who are men. Who do you prefer? Career woman or not. Register your thoughts below.


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