Should a christian be afraid to visit their village?

a village in africa

One thing the christian revival has done is that it has completely weakened the invincibility of witches and wizards. A lot of people were afraid to visit their villages of origin because tjey were afraid of being afflicted or killed by these agents of destruction. However,today, it is no longer so. Children of God are above all demonic and satanic forces and reign absolutely over them. They travel and go anywhere without fear. (Isaiah 41:10)

I have heard of types of stories about some people who visited their villages and what happened to them upon their return. Most often, the misfortune of these people are attributed to witches and wizards whether proven or not. There os this man who told me how he visited his parents in his village somewhere along the border with Nigeria. He was offered a chair to sit on by an old woman he visited and upon his return to Europe he couldnot concentrate on his job. He alnost lost his job and he blamed his misfortune on the old woman who gave him a chair to sit on. Another clear case is a lady who went visiting her village and upon her return to Europe discovered she could no longer see while plainting her friend’s hair. She and her husband went to several hospitals but all the test she made came out negative. The pastor then decided to assign some prayer warriors to pray for her and after a week, her eyesight wad restored. She woke up at 2 am in the morning on a sunday and she found out she could see. Sbe danced joyiously in church, and all the congregation rejoiced with her.

Despite these abnormal cases which may seem paranormal, a lot of people visit their villages every year and nothing happens to them. The bible says in Psalms 91:3, that God would keep you safe from all hidden dangers and deadly diseases. It also says in Psalms 91:5; that you need not fear any dangers at night or sudden attacks during the day. I hope you stop being afraid of visiting your village because in so far as you are in Christ, nothing would happen to you. Not a single strand of your hair would be touched by whatsoever witch or wizard.


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