Should plaiting hair be a do-or-die affair for women?

woman with plaited hair

I was holding a conversation with a lady the other day and she told me she would prefer to go naked than to leave her hair unkempt (not plaited). I looked at her perplexed, not believing what i just heard. It started dawning on me how important it was for a woman to make up her hair. I even heard a woman’s hair makes 90% of her beauty.

A lot of men would tell you that the kost recurring problem they have to face about their wives all the time is their hair. There are marriages which have broken down because the man failed to give the woman money to make up her hair. This is especially true during big days and parties when competition among women with their various hair styles and clothes is at its peak. And you would not imagine how much goes in to make those hair styles. The beauty industry is a multimillion francs industry employing several thousand men and women.

Why should women devote a lot of time on their hair? I was told it all boils down to seducing men. All the gymnastics women do is to seduce the men in their lives. And for a lot of men, a pretty girl is one with a well groomed face including well made hair. Made-up hair is very instrumental in bringing out the beauty of a woman. You just have to look at a woman before and after she had made up her hair.

Women complain that when they have not made up their hair they donot feel pretty enough. They say they can sense that because less men talk to them then. What do you think about this topic? Register your thoughts below.


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