5 tips to get your dream job.

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Getting a job in today’s economy is becoming more difficult because of the high number of job seekers and the few enterprises offering jobs. Follow these 4 tips to get your dream job.

1) Consider yourself as having skills and not being a member of a profession.

Suppose you just got your accounting certificate and you are seeking for a job, donot limit yourself only to accounting jobs. Are there other skills you possess? Maybe you worked sometime as a photographer, a cook, a driver etc. Use those skills to your advantage by looking for a job in those professions as well. If you feel you are not proficient enough, take a course or seminar to improve on that skill then look for a job.

2) Have more than one CV.

A lot of candidates have just one standardised CV that they send to all employers. Sit down and identify every single skill you have, then make a different version of your CV for each of those skills. You would increase your chances of getting a job or landing an interview.

3) apply to many job offers.

It is surprising that most applicants give up after sending just one or two job applications. Some people tell you they are looking for a job and when you ask how many applications they have sent out, they would tell you none. How can you catch fish if you donot send you net under water? You should send out an average of 4 applications per week which adds up to 16 per month.

4) Never send your CV without a motivation letter.

A lot of job seekers just send their CVs without a motivation letter. A motivation letter would convince the employer to call you for an interview for you to talk about your CV. Never send a job application without a motivations letter.

5) Avoid grammatical errors.

Make sure you check your application several times for grammatical errors before submitting it. No employer likes to receive an application with errors on them. Did you enjoy this post? What did i omit? Write your comments below.


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