Which would you marry? A woman with or without kids?


There is a lot of controversy among men about the best woman to get married to – with or without kids? Most men prefer one or the other because of one reason or another.

Those who prefer a woman with kids have number of reasons to buttress their point. They say a woman who has one or more kids before marriage proves that she can still have more. Out of Christians circles, some men insist on living with their fiances a couples of years and having kids before they can make up their minds to get married.

For those who prefer a woman without kids, they say it is a proof the girl is not promiscuous. In addition, they say they do not want to have kids with several fathers. They equally point to the fact that a woman with kids is double load for them because they have to take care of both the mother and the kid(s) even though they are not the biological father of the child.

Whatever your choice, we should all understand that children are a gift from God and that you receive the favour of God when you get married. (Proverbs 18:22) Which would you prefer? A woman with or without kids? Write your comments below.


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