Can a woman trap a guy with a pregnancy?


Oh!!!!! Our women. How are we going to do with our women? I was looking at a picture on Facebook recently. You know, during a wedding, there is a time that the bride turns around and throws the bouquet of flowers to the other single ladies. The woman who catches the bouquet is the next to get married. At least, as it is supposed although it is not always the case. In the picture, as the bride throws the flowers, the women all scramble to catch it meanwhile the men all run away from the bouquet of flowers.

Women love marriage. They dream about it all their lives. They talk about it incessantly with their friends, they breath it and they can just not wait to partake of it. It is often said that a woman stops thinking about the future as soon as she gets married and a man starts thinking about the future as soon as he he marries. Maybe, that is why most men are afraid of marriage because they are the ones to provide and take care of the woman and their kids.

Women would go at length to get married. One of the ways they seek to hook a man into it is to become pregnant without the knowledge of the man. All of a sudden, a guy is with a woman, and she comes and tells him that she is pregnant. And then, the guy starts wondering when the pregnancy got in, why was he not informed? Sometimes even,the guy starts wondering whether he is the true father of the child. During this time, the woman has one thing in her head – marriage. She seems to be saying to the guy, now with this kid coming, are we not getting married?

Some women succeed in making the guy marry them but for others, it does not work. And, the woman starts being bitter with the boy. I have always believed that the christian way is the best – no sex before marriage.


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