Three reasons why your mother-in-law does not like you.


A mother-in-law is often the most important person in the life of a woman after her husband. She is so crucial to a marriage relationship that she can wreck or make the marriage. These are three reasons your mother-in-law may not like you:

1) You do not respect her.
When your mother-in-law comes visiting,strive to be polite and courteous with her even if she does not like you. Welcome her, give her the food she likes to eat and prepare a good place for her to sleep. She would feel warmth and comfort in your house.

2) She sees you as the one eating all her son’s money.
Your mother-in-law may not like you because before you came she used to receive money from her son but after you came she gets nothing. She would see you as the one responsible for her dried up finances and for the fact that her son no longer takes care of her. It is nice to encourage your husband to send her money or send it to her yourself. Convince your husband to take care of her whether they are on speaking terms or not.

3) You do not have a relationship with her.
Having a relationship with your mother-in-law is recommended. It involves calling her from time to time, visiting her whenever you can and sending her gifts. Make sure to always be in contact with her by all the communication channels possible. If you really try to show her some love, she would start loving you back. The bible states in 1 Peter 1:8; not to pay back evil with evil or cursing with cursing but to instead pay with blessing. I hope you start seeing your mother-in-law in a positive light. I wish you all a nice day.


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