How to sharpen your skills.


A lot of people still depend on their certificates in order to get a job. This is okay to a certain extent. Nowadays, skills and not certificates is what sells. Employers increasingly want to know whether you have the required skills to perform the job. What then are skills and how can you sharpen them?

If you put aside your certificates and start thinking of your passions, every single training you have taken, every single workshop you attended, every single course you took, then you would start knowing your skills. For example, if you speak two or more languages, you gave language skills; if you can cook then you have cooking skills; if you can write well then you have writing skills and if you can preach or teach people then you most probably have communications skills. All these skills and many more that i have not mentioned here can either enable you and land a job or start a business. When you consider the skills you have, then you can start seeing the scope of what you can do.

How, then can you sharpen known skills in order to be competitive in the job market or in your own business? If you have cooking skills, you can take a course in cooking and look for a job in a hotel, a restaurant or a company canteen. Better still, you can open your own restaurant when you graduate. That you are a doctor, an accountant or a lawyer does not means you cannot open a restaurant. If you graduated from the university with a first degree in History, and you have driving skills,then why not look for a driving job or drive a taxi in town. Whatever job you do that pays the bills is a job whether it is what you studied in school or not. Stop pitying yourself and learn to be proud of what you do.

The world we live in today has evolved from that of our parents. It is not what a lot of people studied in school that they do in real life. Instead of basing your hopes in finding a job in your profession, why not start doing whatever falls in your hands. Sit down and think. What are your skills? How can you sharpen them? A lot of people do not sit down to think. I like to think on paper. Do the same and you would see what you come out with. I wish all my faithful readers a nice day.


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