Do you buy things to impress other people?


A lot of us buy things to impress other people whether they be our neigbours, friends,family members or co-workers; we want to have things that would make them have a higher opinion of us. That tablet you bought,do you really need it or you are struggling to compete with a friend of yours who also has a tablet. That very expensive phone you just bought, is it really necessary or you just bought it to show off to your friends and co-workers. A lot people buy cars not because they need them but because they want to compete with other friends who have them.

How then can you avoid impulse buying which is buying things you actually do not need. Each time that you make an expensive purchase, ask yourself whether you really need the item. Sleep on the decision for at least a week and consider the long term effects of owning, maintaining and using what you want to purchase. If you still need the item,then go ahead and buy it.

I personally lead a frugal lifestyle and i never buy things to impress other people. I like to buy things that please me and not the crowd. Even in my dressing, i do not care what other people think of me. I just wear what suits me. Zaccheous was different in that he choosed to climb a sycamore tree in order to see Jesus. He was noticed when Jesus saw him and decided to sleep in his house. You do not need to impress anybody in order to be noticed. Follow our own path and people would take note.


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