Trial marriage or come we stay.


I took up writing this today because a lot of people associate trial marriage or come-we-stay with people who are not born again. But do you know that even in the church, there are people who engage in it. I heard stories of ladies who pass the night with a guy they live together with and the very next day they are in church singing in the choir.

Of course, some people would remind me that not everybody who comes to church is a serious christian. Some would even tell me to mind my own business because salvation is personal.

The bible says we are like the light of the world. (John 5:14). It adds in John 5:16, that our light must shine before people, so that they would see the good things we do and prase our father in heaven. Also in Ephesians 5:8, it says we should live like people who belong to the light.

I know some people would say it is their life and nobody has any right to interfere but whether you like it or not, if your pastor do not denounce it, your friends or family would speak against it.

The right place to be before you get married is at your father’s house and not in some guy’s house. Refuse to live together with a guy in whatever relationship where you act as his wife. This would do you no good and he might even finish by not marrying you. What do you think about this post? Record your thoughts below.


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