Do you multitask?


Multitasking is the performance of many tasks at the same time. It is a quality very much appreciated by employers nowadays. For example, if you are a secretary who can answer calls, be taking down notes and typing at the same time, then you are multitasking.

Multitasking is not only required in the office but at home as well. It would enable you do more things in a short time and hence be efficient. You can for instance be cooking, listening to music and cleaning at the same time. It can also be something like you gardening and holding the baby on your back.

Employers like employees who can multitask because the later can do more in less time and thus save the company time and money. In addition, an employee with several skills can easily do the job of several people thereby reducing labour cost. I have a friend who in the night works as a night watch man in a sawmill and in the day he works in the sawmill. The employer did not mind him doing both jobs because it is somebody he trust.

I hope you start multitasking and thus outperform everybody at your office or impress your spouse at home. Do you have any comments? Please, put in the comments below.

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