What words do you speak?


“Your words and thoughts are like the rudder of a ship – they may seem small, but they affect the direction of your life. ” Joyce Meyer.

Joyce Meyer is one of those preachers i listen to every other day. Not only was she among the first women to be a preacher but she did it at a time nobody believed a woman could be a preacher. She refused to give up on her dream and today she has a ministry with more than 600 employees and several hours of videos and audios.

Which words do you speak? What comes out of your mouth would dominate you whether you know it or not. If you speak words of defeat, discouragement and failure; they would dominate you. No matter your situation, learn to speak only words of faith. When David was faced with Goliath, he did not speak words of fear. (1 Samuel 17:26). He spoke words of faith despite the fact that Goliath was better armed and bigger than him. He compared Goliath to his God not to himself. He asked, “Who is this heathen Philistine to defy the army of the living God. ” and added, “the lord would put you in my power; I would defeat you and cut off your head. ” Eventually,he defeated Goliath.

Whatever Goliath you are facing in your life,speak only words of faith. Refuse to dwell on the negative. If you are going through a health challenge, do not speak about it. Talk like somebody in good health. Believe God has already healed you. If you are having a delay in having children or getting married, believe that God has already given you a child or a husband. Start thanking God for it and speak about it. Your expectation would eventually manifest itself in your life.

I hope you start speaking words of faith into your life. Please record your thoughts below.


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