5 tips to excel at you jobside.


We all love it when we are promoted at the job side. Not only do our salaries increase but we are saddled with more responsibilities. These promotions only come about when we excel at the job side and we are noticed by the boss. These are a few tips on how to be outstanding at the job side.

1) Always arrive before everybody and leave after all your co-workers.

Whether you believe it or not, your boss would notice you if you come to work before everybody and you leave among the last. It shows a commitment to your work and proves you want the success of the company.

2) Avoid distractions during work hours.

You should not be chatting with your friend, fidgeting with your phone or loitering about during working hours. It makes it appear as if you do not have work to do and if an employee is ideal, you are not worthy to remain on the payroll. Be focused on the work at hand and concentrate until it is finished.

3) No visits during working hours.

Don’t allow you friends or family to visit you during working hours. They should visit you at home or call you in case of an emergency.

4) Do more than you are required.

You can be given a target by your boss to process 10 files per day. Why not do 12 instead? Take initiative when necessary and your boss would notice you as a hard worker and promotion would naturally follow.

5) Always inform somebody when you cannot make it to the office.

I was talking to a friend the other day who owns a hotel in kumba and he told me some of his employees abstain from work for than three days without informing him. What is difficult to either send a text message or call to explain why you would be absent. Your employer should arrange for somebody to replace you.

I hope you learnt something from these tips. Which others do you know? Write in the comments below.


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