Are churches dividing families?


With the increasing number of churches and the christian revival now sweeping across Cameroon and Africa in general, a lot of families are experiencing strains because of membership of one of their relatives in a church. This membership has always brought either positive or negative influences on other family members.

On the positive side, one family joining a church had convinced the other family members to join too after witnessing the change in the life of the later. Sometimes,it is a wife joining a church who later pulls her husband and kids. On other occasions, it is a brother or sister joining who later pulls the siblings to follow same.

On the negative side, one family member joining a church has brought confusion and mayhem in some families. On some occasions, family members have gone to beat up a relative who joined a church. Some couples have been at loggerheads because either the wife or husband joined a church and the other spouse is refusing to follow suit. Sometimes, it is a prophet who gives a prophecy that a relative wants to kill another one,and disunity and suspicion enters the family. I have heard of several people saying there was a prophecy that their wife , kids or other siblings wants to kill them.

Sometimes,it is two couples who want to get married and the pastor says God told him that the marriage would not work. Some of these persons have gone on to marry the wrong person which causes resentment against the man of God.

I have always admired one man of God, Prophet T.B Joshua of Synagogue Church Of All Nations Nigeria (SCOAN) . He always emphasizes that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the wicked spiritual forces in high places. (Ephesians 6:12) . So, friends remember this whenever you are given a prophecy against a family member. Also, when you join a church that your spouse is against, seek to convince him by your behavior not what you say. Strive to be patient and the other spouse would be converted. I wish you all God’s blessings and a happy day.


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