Is everybody “Man of God” nowadays?


It is amazing how even crooks and thieves are using the name “man of God” to orchestrate their wicked plans. Everybody is a “man of God” nowadays. From policemen to scammers and crooks nobody is left behind. Many individuals know that this title confers trust and confidence on them and so they use it to dupe people.

A sister in Christ told me how her mother was almost duped by a false prophet. The later approached a relative who knew everything about her mother and this relative told this false prophet everything that mami was doing. The fake prophet then called this poor woman and starting telling her everything about her life. The woman was so elated that she invited the prophet home so that he could give more prophecies. Unfortunately for him, the said relative told mama everything and this false prophet sensing his life was at risk failed to turn up.

One of my neighbours recently told me that one of his tenants presented himself to him as a pastor and he gave him his apartment to rent. Little did he know that this individual was not a true pastor. The fake pastor ran away with 10 months of rents and he has never been seen him again.

Recently, there was a young man who came to me saying he wanted me to mentor him and teach him the things of God. I never knew that he was part of a gang that sold neighbours block. It was only after my neighbour raised an alarm that he has been stolen that i understood.

So, friends be careful of anyone who comes to you saying he is a “man of God” . Trust him but verify whether he is a true “man of God”. There are a lot of fake “men of God” seeking to dupe people. Please, put your comments below if you have been victim of a dupe. I wish you all a nice day.


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