Have God-confidence not self-confidence.


Before i gave my life to Christ, I used to believe in my personal ability to make things happen in my life. I knew that whatever thing, good or bad, that happens in my life was out of my personal effort. In-fact, I use to call it “action personnel” or personal effort which i derived from self-confidence.

However, since i gave my life to Christ, I now have God-confidence. Whatever i want, i submit it to God and he gives it to me. (Mathew 7:7) . I have adopted the discipline to always thank my provider for fulfilling everyone of my prayer requests. The testimonies are many but i would share this one.

I remember while living and studying in Denmark, there was a time i was having difficulties in paying my school fees. I contacted all my friends and even the bank but it turned out nobody could help me. I was depressed and desperate. Then i turned to God and told him only him could do it for me. I submitted him the problem. And to my utter surprise, i got some money from an association i was a member. Not only did i pay all my fees but the school reimbursed me extra money as surplus.

It is often said that if you know how something happened, it is not from God. When it is from God, you would not know how it came about. Learn, therefore, to have God-confidence not self-confidence. I wish you all a nice day.


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