4 tips to stop lusting after women.


A lot of Christians brothers have difficulties to stop lusting after women. While serving God , they still go after the opposite sex. Do you have lustful thoughts? How do you deal with them? Follow these four tips :

1) Stop watching erotic TV programs and magazines.

The first thing i did when i gave my life to Christ was to throw away all the porn movies, magazines that i had in my collection. You too should do so with yours. I don’t watch TV programs with love scenes nor visit erotic websites either in my smartphone or computer. Those things sharpen your appetite for sex and women.

2) Don’t associate with people talking about women and sex all the time.

Each time that i have a friend talking about women or sex all the time, i break links with this person. The bible says when your hand or eyes causes you to sin, cut it off. Dissociate yourself from such people because you become who your friends are.

3) Limit temptations.

Avoid finding yourself alone in a room with women. Make sure there are other people around. In addition, at your office desk, have the pictures of your wife and kids clearly displayed. Avoid also going to lustful places like nightclubs, drinking bars, parties …etc

4) Don’t look at a woman twice.

I got this one from one of my favorite preachers, David Obeoyemi. He says he never looks at a woman twice. The first time you look is by curiosity but the second time is by interest. And then you start having lustful thoughts.

Follow the above tips and and you would stop having lustful thoughts about women. Focus on your wife and your family because only she would make you happy. If you are not married then focus on the word of God just like Paul. Do you have anything to add? Please, write in the comments below.


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