Using failure to succeed.


As much as all of us do not like to fail, yet we fail in some of our undertakings in life. Failure should not be seen as defeat. You are defeated when you stop trying. The most important thing that counts is your attitude when you fail. If you give up and you do not persist, then you have let failure defeat you. You would most probably be a failure in life.

In-fact, the more failures you have, the closer you are to success. Especially, if you learn from these failures and correct the mistakes you made. The former president of Ghana, John Atta Mills, was defeated in two presidential elections but he was not discouraged. He tried again a third time, and won. Steve Jobs founded the company, APPLE. He was later shoved out of the leadership of this company by shareholders. He went on and created a different company. When APPLE had problems, he was called back and he made it the great computer and handset company it is today.

One of the biggest businessmen in kumba, Cameroon started his travelling company, Mondial Express, the first time but it failed. He gave it a second try again and it failed. All this did not discourage him. He raised some funds, bought some vehicles and started a third time and this time it has been a success. Today, he is a millionaire owning a sprawling cocoa business, a building material business and his traveling company.

All the above successful people were people who believed in what they were doing. Failure did not break them down but instead each time they failed, they rised again. You too can rise from failure. The fact that you failed in your business, in your career , you were fired from your job should not discourage you. Be persistent in whatever you are doing and you would succeed. Winners never quit and quitters never win. I wish you all a nice day.


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