What are your skills?


A skill is a learned power of doing something competently. It is a developed aptitude or ability. Examples of skills are language, communications, organizational or interpersonal skills. How many skills do you possess?

In the the job market today , it is important not to consider yourself as having a profession but as possessing several skills. Employers are increasingly looking for people who possess more than one skill. Also, having a broad range of skills gives you an advantage to somebody with only one skill.

I once had a friend in Denmark who was a photographer by profession. However,in addition to his photography skills, he also had cleaning skills and he could equally play a guitar. He worked in a cleaning company and he also played in a band and each time they went to a concert to play, they were paid. He had also photography jobs that brought him income. He , therefore, had money from three different sources.

Most of us were brought up to get a profession and be contented with a single source of income. But what you realize today is that in order to be rich,you must have several sources of income. You should have money from several sources not just one source. Seek, therefore to have several skills because they open you up to several sources of income and give you a clear advantage over your co-workers. If you have just one skill, strive to improve on it by taking up courses, reading … etc. Also, seek to develop more skills because the more skills you have, the better off you are. What do you think about this topic? Record your thoughts below.


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