Do you engage in mastubation or phone/video sex?


It has become customary nowadays for singles and even married couples to engage in phone/video sex. A lot of people do it out of ignorance not knowing that there are consequences which go with engaging in such deviant behavior.

A friend recently told me that him and his wife are living in two different countries and that because they see little of each other, they are compelled to engage in video/phone sex through Skype. Upon hearing this, i was really perplexed about how this could happen. Where they so much burning with desire that they could not wait to see each other in other to make regular sex. He told me they would each get naked in-front of their respective computers and he would tell his wife things to do then they would masturbate and release together. He was adamant that since it was his legally married wife, there was nothing wrong in this act.

Then this question came into my mind, can a christian engage in masturbation or phone sex even if it is with his wife? For one thing, the bible advices us to keep away from sexual immorality. (Acts 15:20; 1 Corinthians 6:9) . The bible says those who engage in such acts would not possess the kingdom of God. (Ephesians 5:5)

In talking about sex, the bible is consistently clear that it consist of sexual contact between husband and wife. Masturbation and phone/video sex are not right because they involve a person giving himself pleasure. What do you think about this post? Record your reaction in the comments below.


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One response to “Do you engage in mastubation or phone/video sex?

  1. Thomas

    Married or not, anybody that engages in video sex has a seed of lust that must be killed through deliverance, prayer and growth in the knowledge of the word of God. there is no question about this. If you strip naked in front of a camera it means you have done it in your mind and can also do it before any a man or woman whether you are married to them or not-the same demon is responsible! The enemy is very deceptive and we must not be ignorant of his devices. What most Christians don’t know is that you could still be guilty of the sin of lust even with your wife! Once you become obsessed with sex it is a problem whether it is with your wife or not. If we constantly entertain thoughts of sex in our minds, it births forth acts such as video sex, craving pornography, masturbation, fornication and adultery-remember James 1:13-15. fellatio and and cunulingus are also in this spectrum of evil concupiscence.
    As such was I and did not believe an immoral person could ever be restored, but thank God I have been washed, justified and sanctified and now walk in the Spirit…fill your mind with the word of God, pray with faith(Mk11:23) and fill your mind with the things of God rather than the things of this world.
    Gal 5:16 This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.
    I encourage you all brethren we should let our dominant thoughts be related to the word of God and for us to abstain and flee from all appearance of evil(1Thess 5:22)
    That goes to avoiding movies and music that have the least iota of carnality, to avoid sitting at bars or hanging out at night where we see and hear all sort of lewdness because this is the way the devil traps us. once filthy images get into our minds, and filthy words filter through our ears, the devil must minister to us! we would either see ourselves having sex in the dream or falling for temptations of immorality.
    The body of Christ must rise up in faith and commitment to a Spirit of righteousness, holiness and purity for that is the only way to see God both in this life and the life after.
    I pray this helps someone.

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