The importance of having a base.


While i was resident abroad, we had a pastor from America who paid a visit to our church in Denmark. This pastor declared he could travel abroad as much as he wants, he could even sleep on the floor during his journeys but it meant nothing to him. He said he knew his wife and kids were safely in his home in Detroit because that to him was his base. He said he never played with his home there nor his other properties since that was his permanent abode.

I am, therefore, asking you, my faithful readers, do you have a base? Do you have a place you go to where nobody can shake you from there? If you are renting a house, then that is not your base because you are at the whims and caprices of the landlord. The later can send you away at any time when you cannot pay his rents or when he wants to occupy his house himself.

I am calling on you, my readers, that if you do not yet have a base, think of having one now. It is never too late. Your decisions today would determine the outcome of your life tomorrow. I hope you got some wisdom from this post. I wish you all a nice day. I love you all.


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