Why you keep being a babe in Christ?


My scriptural reference is from Hebrew 5:13 :

” For everyone that uses milk is unskillful in the word of righteousness: for he is a babe.”

After giving your life to Christ, and becoming a born again Christian, you are expected to grow. You are not to remain in the same place all the time. As a babe in Christ, people teach you the word and pray for you. But do you know you are expected to grow and teach and pray for other people too? The above scripture clearly states that you do not have to remain a babe in Christ taking only milk: you need to grow and start taking meat.

My experience here in Cameroon is that of churches where worshipers are too dependent on their pastors for the very least things. If you still go to the pastor for him to pray for you after several years in the ministry, then i am afraid you do not have faith in your own prayers. Likewise, if you still go for your “blood” to be blessed by the pastor, then you lack faith in your own prayers.

The best way to grow in Christ is to read the bible by yourself. Spend time in researching things. Meditate on scriptures and you would find that there are a lot of things you can do by yourself. I do not say you should not go to see the pastor when you have a problem, but this should be for something serious. When you have a nightmare, instead of picking the phone and calling the pastor, why don’t you search through scriptures. Pray with them and nothing would happen to you. Grow from a babe to a matured christian.

I hope you got something from this post. If you have something to add , write in the comments below.


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