Why you should praise and worship God.


Praise and worship constitute an important means for us to keep up our relationship with the almighty God. (Ephesians 5:19). I don’t know about you but i do it all the time whether i am working, in bed or praying. The following are why you should worship and praise him:

1) Praise him for what he has done in your life.

Moses and the Israelites praised God for giving them victory over the Egyptians. (Exodus 15:2 ; 1 Chronicles 16:25) . I personally praise God every morning for making me see another day and for giving me divine health and long life.

2) To thank him.

In Isaiah 38:19, king Hezekiah sang songs of praise and worship to God to thank him for healing him. I equally praise God all the time for saving my life thereby disgracing the devil who wanted to take away my life.

3) To show your joy.

Praising and worshiping God is a way to show your joy despite what you are going through. In Isaiah 61:3, prophet Isaiah was singing praises to God encouraging those in sorrow to be joyful. In Acts 3:8, the lame man praised God after he discovered he could walk; after Peter and John had prayed for him.

4) To cause God to interfere on your behalf.

Paul and Silas started praying when locked up in prison and then at about midnight, they switched into praises. It didn’t take long for the prison gates to collapse amd they were freed.


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