The word and not a prophet would transform you.


A lot of people go to see prophets with the hope that all their problems would be resolved as soon as they meet the man of God. Such persons are disappointed when the prophet does not have a message for them, or when they realize the prophesies they receive either tarry or never even come about.

Of course, prophets are vessels God uses to do miracles. Just as Jesus, prophets are mediums God uses to heal, deliver or prophecy in people’s life.

But do you know there are problems you can resolve yourself by looking into the word of God. I do not believe it is every single problem that needs the attention of a prophet. If for example, you have financial difficulties and you are looking for a breakthrough, why not go through scriptures and look for those talking about financial breakthrough. Meditate and pray with them and God would open the heavens for you.

One of the greatest women of God, Joyce Meyer, said she had problems in her life and she was looking for a solution. She did not go to a prophet but she started searching through scriptures. Eventually, she got solutions not only for herself but she used it to help other people in their challenges too. Today,she has a thriving ministry with more than 600 employees.

I hope you start looking unto the word of God for solutions to your challenges in life.


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