How to know the voice of God.

Jesus Calls James & John

I have often been asked the question how do you know the voice of God? How do you distinguish his voice over all the voices that bombard your mind? Even your body has a voice which is pain. Sometimes, you can confuse the devil’s voice as that of God if you are not attentive. This is how to know the voice of God:

1) God would not tell you to do what is against his word.

If for example, you hear a voice that tells you to go and kill yourself or insult your parents, then this cannot be the voice of God because it is contrary to his word.

2) God would tell you to do something challenging.

One of my preacher friends was telling me the other day that God told him to start a church. Then he asked God how can he start a church when he doesn’t have a building. God repeated that he should start. He then, decided to heed the voice of God and he started from his house. From there, they moved to rent a building in downtown Copenhagen. Today, he has one of the biggest ministries there.

3) God might tell you to do something you do not like to do.

In one of his books, Kenneth Hagen says God told him to pastor a problem church. He did not want to go there because the church had a lot of problems. When God insisted he go there, he decided to obey and he not only prospered but he resolved all the problems the church was having.

I hope with these few tips, you can distinguish the voice of God and follow his leading in your life.


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