Do you visit spiritualists?

It has always amazed me why some Christians keep on going to spiritualists. These are the so-called medicine men or “alamimbo”, whatever they are called in your region of Africa. Some people refer to them as charlatans. Why can you have the almighty God by your side and still go to idol worshipers?

There are many reasons that push people to go to spiritualists. The principal one is for protection. Other people go there for healing, to seek for wealth, for children, for charms and all other types of concoctions. Whatever problem takes you there, be sure that you would move from one spiritualist to another and your problem would never be resolved. You might even end up being a spiritualist yourself in your search for more and more powers.

Whatever a spiritualist claims he can do for you is fake. Only God is the true healer (Isaiah 53:3); he provides protection (psalms 91:2); he gives wealth (3 John2); and he gives children (Psalms 127:2). Do you know that when you operate with God, you release blessings to yourself and others. However, when you operate with spiritualists and the devil, you release magic, curses, destruction upon yourself and others.

Two forces control the supernatural – God and the devil. You are either in one camp or the other. There is no middle ground. I hope you make the better choice and remain with God.


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