Who is a mentor?


A mentor is a trusted counselor or guide. He is a tutor or coach. You need a mentor in order to meander your way successfully through life.

I don’t know of a single great man who did not have a mentor. All biblical characters had mentors. Jesus was the mentor of his disciples. After his resurrection, his disciples continued his work – doing what they saw him do and say. Naomi was Ruth’s mentor. Ruth followed all of Naomi’s advice and did whatever she told her. Eventually, she got married to Boaz and gave birth to Samuel, who became one of the greatest kings of Israel.

Other examples of mentors exist in the bible. Elijah was the mentor of Elisha and when he was about to be cut away in heaven, Elisha demanded a double portion of his anointing and received it. He later became one of the major prophets in Israel. Moses was Joshua’s mentor after taking him as his helper. They stayed together and Joshua copied every skill he needed to rule from his master. He prospered and succeeded when he took over from Moses.

What do you look out for when on the search for a mentor? I would say look for somebody who has works in the field you aspire to do. If you want to be a lawyer, a doctor, an engineer, a businessman or politician; look for somebody who is succeeding or has succeeded in that field. A lawyer with his own chambers or a well-renowned doctor or politician would do. Go to conferences and workshops and get in contact with such a person. Call them or send them email. Check their profile on Google and LinkedIn.

You are the one benefiting from this relationship so you should be the one to make the effort. You would find that most successful people are extremely generous with their knowledge.

You may be wondering how a mentor can help you. After all, you know everything you need to know. Friends, a mentor has been there before you. He did what you want to do or are doing and he made mistake which gave him experience. He can spot out problems you never knew about and help you correct them before they get out of hand. He understands and masters a lot of things that you do not figure out.

I have mentors myself and i also have some youths that i mentor. I hope you get your own mentor pretty soon and if you are already using one then that is a good start. But, please do not go and ask this person for money or favours; go to him for wisdom.


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