Buea – Here i come.


I recently relocated from kumba to Buea in order to take advantage of the good weather and the calm, peaceful surroundings. Buea is the capital of the south west region of Cameroon which is most close to Nigeria.

The city has been growing exponentially ever since i left this town more than 10 years ago after my high school at Saint Joseph College Sasse. Then it was just one street through which you entered and left the town. The recent decision by the government of Cameroon to return back land formerly occupied by the CDC to indigenes populations has further opened up the town. New layouts have sprung up every where with those of Bokwai, Bomaka, Bwitingi and Wotalu of noticeable importance. A lot of constructions is also taking place with new structures built in the new layouts.

Molyko which used to be a few thousand inhabitants more than 10 years ago has exploded in population. All the major banking institutions, churches, the post office and Camtel are present here. In addition, a lot of schools and higher institutions of learning have also established their base here. The main market which used to be in Great Soppo has been transferred to molyko just behind the Omnisport stadium. It remains a bustling place in the evenings with several drinking spots and hotels beaming with people.

I advise all those visiting Cameroon to make a stop in this beautiful city and absorb the splendor of its recent architectural structures. I wish you all a nice day.

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  1. Thomas

    Buea is the fastest growing city in Cameroon according to current statistics. the municipality is doing good!

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