Why no man is coming to ask your hand in marriage.

So, i reflected on this topic today. A lot of girls complain that nobody is coming to ask their hand in marriage. If you are one of such women, have you ever sat down and asked yourself why this should.happen to you? Maybe no girl in your family has gotten married. Why should this be? It might have spiritual as well as physical origin.

There are many things that can lead to this situation. The first may be the way you dress. If you dress half naked or in sexy attire all the time, then you are sending the wrong message to men. Your girlfriends may advice you that you have to dress like that to seduce men. But do you know you are giving the wrong message to men? They see you just as sleeping material and not as wife material. It would then not be surprising to find out that most men who come to you, come for sex and then run away.

I have a friend who told me that there was a lawyer who lived in her neighbourhood who completely ignored her. But when this man saw her in church dressed decently as a “big woman”, with african wear, his perception about her changed. He started making advances to her telling her he wanted to marry her. You too can make men seek you by the way you dress.

Another thing that would disqualify you in the eyes of a man is giving in too quickly to his sexual advances. Men would always put pressure on you to sleep with you but it is up to you to say no. Most men would test you to find out whether you are a true christian sister by how easily you give in to sex. To a man, when you spread your legs to him easily, then the story would not be different when you meet other men. So, women hold yourself high by telling the guy you would only sleep with him when the two of you get married. If the guy is serious about marriage, he would probably stay but if not he would leave.

Your character would also count a lot. Do you love God or are you just pretending by going to church? Are you materialistic or do you seek the good of your partner? Are you courteous? Are you kind? Your character is the sum of your daily habits. What you do daily would become your character. Do you gossip? Do you pass the whole day loafing around? Are you industrious? Men love industrious women nowadays. Women who contribute to the income of the household.

Finally, your lack of a man may be of spiritual origin. It might be from a curse, or because you come from an idol worshipping family or it might be from birth. Spiritual problems have spiritual solutions. Go and see a good pastor for you to be delivered and give your life to christ. With God, everything is possible. ( luke 1:37) God would give you a husband. Please, put your comments below.


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