How to be organised.

It is important to know how to organise yourself otherwise your time would just slip by without you knowing. You can lose money and get it back but when you lose your time, it is gone for ever. You cannot recover it back. You would just discover that at old age you have done nothing with your life.

Have you realised that if you go to the market without a list, you might forget buying certain items or you might buy others you never intended to buy. Life is also like that. Without having goals and making out a way to achieve them, you would realise that you have achieved nothing. Paul in the book of Romans 7:15, said he did not understand the things he did for the things he did were not what he intended to do. Just like Paul, you would also realise you do not do the things important in your life if you do not stay organised. There are a lot of distractions in this world and the only way you can stay focused is to have goals and maintain a to-do-list.

I personally have written down my goals that i review all the time. Goals function growth more than anything. Not only are my goals written down but i also review them all the time. I equally maintain a to-do-list and i strive each day to do everything in my to-do-list. How do you keep yourself organised? Please write in the comments below.


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