The dismal performance of Cameroon during Brasil 2014

The world cup has come and gone and a lot has been said about the dismal performance of the Lions of Cameroon during this year’s world cup in Brasil. As always in such competitions, the players are the principal culprits held responsible for the three consecutive defeats that we suffered.

A lot of factors might have led to this dishonourable performance. To be certian, it cannot be money because the players were paid all their match bonuses and all arrears due in full before the start of the competition. Where then could the problem lie? Some people point to organisation and match fixing.

It should not forgotten that a few months before the start of the world cup, the nationaly footbal authority, FECAFOOT, was embroiled in a power struggle which culminated in the imprisonment of the president.

He has been released for want of evidence about accusations leveled against him. Such issues of disorganisation with the body that prepares the team have likely spilled over to the squad either directly or indirectly.

Also, there have been calls for the team to be rejuvenated with younger home based players. It has been observed that these players are more motivated, vibrant and have more figthing spirit than older names like Eto’o Fils and Mekoung who have already made a name for themselves. A lot of these young stars exist who can be incorporated into the squad.

There have also been issues about match fixing. It was reported that a young Asian Beter made accurate forecast of our encounter with Croatia. Not only did he predict that we would be defeated 04 goals to nil but he also said Cameroon was to get a card in the first half. Such exact pronostic has left many Cameroonians perplexed as to whether the guy knew the results before the match was played.

Despite our rush to blame people, it might just be that they did not have luck during this competition. Other big football countries like Spain, Portugal, Russia, England were eliminated in the first round. So, it is not just the lions.

I think the team officials are to sit down and determine what went wrong. Also, a president has to be elected to head the national football authority. You cannot expect the child not to be affected when the mother has a health challenge. Other competitions like the African Nations Cup are coming up so the earlier we sit up the better. We wish you all a nice day.


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