The blood of Jesus.

In the old testament, God commanded Moses through the law on how the children of Israel where to ask for forgiveness for their sins. The children of Israel had to kill bulls and goats and take the blood to the altar for sacrifice. (Hebrew 10:4) . They had to do this every year for their sins to be forgiven.

Jesus Christ came and did away with this custom. He gave us a better convenant. He offered his own blood for our sins to be taken away. (Romans 5:9; hebrew 9:22; 1 Peter 1:2) . Through his blood, we were sanctified and made righteous in the eyes of God. What is interesting about this is that you and I did nothing to merit this. It was by the grace of God that we were rescued from the law of sin and death that would have led to our doom. Thank God, Jesus came and took away the sins we inherited from Adam.

Jesus’ blood flowed in 7 places altogether in his body – his two hands, his two legs, his sides, his back and the thorns in his head.

There is much significance in the blood of Jesus. It give us access to eternal life. (John 6:53) . We were made righteous through the blood and so we have a right standing with God. (1 John 1:7) .

Whenever i pray, i always cover myself, my family, my property and my relatives with the blood of Jesus. The blood is there to protect us against the evil one.


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